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Australia is an extremely popular destination for highly skilled young people wishing to start a new life in another cou
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US authorities moving to improve student visa oversight in recent years

Date: 08-04-2015

Three men were arrested in Los Angeles earlier this month in connection with an apparent “pay-

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Australia releases draft strategy for international education

Date: 21-04-2016

Spot Admission@Portugal.One of the top schools of technology in Portugal, ISEP has been pioneering e

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Spain spreads out over an area of 505,000 km2. It is located in the South of Europe and has a population of 44,7 million people, enjoying therefore of a low relative density. The weather is typically Mediterranean with mild winters, pleasant springs with hot summers.

Spain is a constitutional monarchy and joined the European Union in 1982. It was a founder member of the common currency, the Euro, which took over in 2002. The official language is the Spanish, although English is widely spoken. As a full member of the EU, Spain benefits of all kind of infrastructures such as roads, trains, airports, telecommunications, but also hospitals, financial institutions, etc.

Spain is the eighth economy in the world, with a yearly average income of 27,914 dollars. The economic foundations are the tourism and construction, as well as services and industry.

If you wish to live in Spain, we are able to help you with your application.

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